Ryanair residency (2018)

Text and image on layout paper with tracing paper insert, 

made after a 6 week occupation of a studio space with a leaking roof, where my practice was led by finding places to take a daily shower 


as it empties (2018)

Recycled paper, plaster, gouache, glue, grey wood varnish (residue), avocado stones, shells, fir cone, slate, wood, sawdust, salt, tile paint, foam, cement, glass, petals, rusted nails, rusted wok, perspex, thread, young clay

Installation left behind for the developers moving in, Banco, Lisbon

[In the end the space was not sold, and so I had to clear away the installation]

Foi, Começou, Foi (2019)

It was, it began, It went 

(Found footage (INA Archive), ASMR sounds)

I was invited to contribute to the online magazine WrongWrong for Edition No. 15. 69 Année érotique. EN / PT