I work across sculpture, installation and writing. My work takes quite a physical approach, crossing between a very abstract grappling with matter and a more poetic engagement with language, yet always drawing on place as a source of meaning. Through my work I question our interactions with the world around us; how ambiguous or slippery these interactions feel, how this produces its own kind of stuff-ness, and how this might be shared: as a kind of expanded materiality of landscape. Exploring the various streams of information available to us, my work attempts to grasp, mediate or re-direct these interactions, and often involves a form of exchange.Mixing up timescales in the work, I’m drawn to the idea that even stones disappear in the end.I'm

This interest in stuff-ness forms the basis of my PhD project, supervised by Brighid Lowe at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL and Johanna Malt at King’s College London.


I'm a recipient of an Arts & Humanities Research Grant, and was long- listed for the Ivan Juritz award in 2017. Individual exhibitions include only if (Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, 2019) and No wonder, you sense mysteriousness (Goldmali Gallery, Netherlands, 2020). I'm currently based in Lisbon, and run a project space (the icing room).