JUST S0 S0 S0 (2018)​

Installation views, Atelier Concorde, Lisbon

The work was developed as part of my PhD project.

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Experiment in Air and Solitude (2019)

plastic sheet, shuttlecocks, acrylic, incidental straw hats

Installation view, the icing room, 21 June

Poems written for each tube stop on the Victoria line, distributed during an overnight performance party on the underground, Saturday 1 October, 2017


Dissolutions (the icing room), for Art Licks Weekend


Tarpaulin sack, paint pot, brush, lipstick, 5 persimmons

Installation view, Banco, Lisbon

only if proposes a interruptive gesture, a logic played out across the gallery. The exhibition sees objects and materials redirected from their usual modes of circulation to the space. The resulting combinations operate under a variety of temporal modes, which, when interposed, create intervals that become integral to the work.

In the process, associations that might be evoked or stirred by particular materials become dislodged, serving to liberate, open out or unfold the material in some way. This unfolding implies something more extensive contained within the interruption, maybe even a form of landscape. The suggestion offered by only if is a moment in which memory is emptied and space expands.

A romantic evening (2017)
Longlisted for Ivan Juritz Prize, 2017,
HD video (with sound), duration 2:15