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Live installation, using Derek Jarmen's Journey to Avebury (1971); sound and visuals from Foclore Impressionista

Plastic sheet, soil, sand, salt, sugar, found objects, tumbleweed, spray, washing up liquid, chalk, strawberries, milk

April 2018, Atelier Banco, Lisbon

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 19.58_edited.jpg

Foi, Começou, Foi (2019)

It was, it began, It went 

(Found footage (INA Archive), ASMR sounds)

A video work responding to the theme '69 Année érotique' for WrongWrong magazine. Invited by Marcelo Felix. EN / PT


[ /// 0 ... ] (2019)

perspex, fishing weight, burnt copper pipes, pink salt

Installation view,  a week in the garden at the icing room for Element.Void: Antiuniversity

Fragment (2020)

Installation shots from self-appointed residency at multi-storey car park at Martim Moniz, Lisbon

maybe we're going places, baby (2016)

Chair, sponge, yoghurt pot, glass, silicone, boiled and chewy sweets, found text / footage, hair gel

Installation view, Zaratan Arte-Contemporânea, Lisbon

Experiment (stones and happiness) (2018)

Branches, gouache, perspex, soda crystals, water, peacock eye crystal

Installation view: BLUERUiiN, Banco, Lisbon

That time in Spring (2016)

Cake box, napkin, olive, hose, grass, washing capsule, nail polish, plaster on scaffolding board 


Installation view, the icing room