JUST S0 S0 S0 (2018)​

Installation views, Atelier Concorde, Lisbon

The work was developed as part of my PhD project.

JUST S0 S0 S0  explores the relation between language and material, playing with symbols that come to stand for text. The pieces are gestural, visual poems, leading from or back into language. The elements that make up each of the works present something precarious, broken, or covered up in some way. JUST S0 S0 S0 evidences handling by an inexpert touch.

List of Works

Talvez falaremos em algum momento / Maybe at some point we’ll talk 

Grid, wok, shells, unfired clay, fish bowl, blueberry dye on vegetable paper, text

85cm x 100cm x 18cm (approx.)



Acrylic pipes burnt at the ends, cement, ash, amethyst crystal, tree branch with green spray and varnish

2m x 1m x 50cm (approx.)


J' Dors Pas Bien 

Moving Image (Dur .12 min, no sound), found cardboard, lemons

1m x 1m x 50cm (approx.)


He wasn’t in the limelight 

Poster Series

84cm x 120cm (approx.)