the icing room is an art space born from an autocorrect error; what started as a living room gallery showing unfinished art has developed into an artist-run space, housing a collective of artists who work across visual media. The icing room collective shares a commitment to original and experimental practice, and a belief in non-exclusivity of art spaces. Our network comprises artists based in UK, Portugal, France, USA, and Japan, and within this various dialogues have emerged, and continue to do so. the icing room holds weekend exhibitions every three months or so (either by invitation or open submission), alongside which we host events, screenings and performances. Finally, we produce publications (under the icing room press), both to archive our activities, and help generate income to run the space. We have been running since 2015.

The artists who make up the collective engage in experimental practice
across form; within the icing room this translates as a desire to collaborate,
make and talk about work, expand networks and explore ideas surrounding
unfinished art: works in progress as reflections of our society and human

We place strong emphasis on dialogue with artists and artist-run spaces,
both through our activities, and by offering space for visiting artists
(particularly Europe-based) to collaborate. the icing room aims to offer an
affordable base for artists of the collective / its partners who want to spend
time in London, providing support in accessing local artist networks and
studio spaces. Our first official partner is Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, an
artist-run space in Lisbon.

the icing room is also a permanent home; it serves as a test space for
experimental art forms, one that creates possibilities for new modes of
engaging with art rather than existing as art gallery, studio or commercial
venue. Through the icing room we explore what it means to be transient, to
occupy a threshold space.