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there but for the (or The Garden Centre) (2022)


Work developed in residency at the Inigo Rooms, Somerset House

September 2022

I kept muddling Inigo with indigo it all went ultramarine found an old nail varnish blue-ish smudge of green been making little bits of turquoise hint of blue tinge of iron bit of pink started out hard but now it’s dripping gloopy leaky slimy soft. Yesterday snails all over the glass. Kept making little bits of glass snails soap gummy nails to give away really wanted to give them away things were gathering up I was giving away little bits of things that don’t amount to much and / but in the end it’s all just stuff But What I mean is some of it is real stuff and some of it is just little things little bits of little things to give away but what I mean is it kept coming back like snails like how you move a snail it finds its own way back… I was giving away things just stuff not snails but it kept coming back crawling slowly up the glass until it was more things less stuff… the more I look the more it flips, inigo indigo gathering up …

Anti-clockwise from the mantelpiece;

1. Anthology of matter, patching plaster with blue clothes dye, jesmonite with blue clothes dye, chalk, jesmonite with iron, pewter, nail varnish, glycerine soap (variable dimensions)

2. Inigo/indigo, looped iphone video (with sound, dur. 7.0), glycerine soap with snail shells and seaweed

3. Ode to walking, digital print on textile, jesmonite with iron (140 x 400cm)

4. Grow bags with garden cushions, PVC textile, compost, coco liner, fishing wire, shell, anti-radiation crystal, stone, pewter moth, carabines, chain, unfired porcelain, rose quartz crystal, stone, young clay, glycerine soap with seaweed, pears soap with fragments of tarmac, glass and copper, glass with humbug, coloured light with cable (120 x 110 x 30cm, 50 x 30 x 100cm, 140 x20cm)

5. Glass (excerpt), found glasses and vase, perspex, bolts (100 x 30 x 40cm)

6. Earth tables, stainless steel, wood, earth (140 x 70 x 60cm)

7. Jacket with algae badge, algae badge ii, raspberry badge, crisp badge, avocado skin badge (80 x 40 x 20cm with 4cm diameter)

8. Vitrine with victoria sponge, madeleines, lemon bakewells, found plates, glasses with mint humbugs and snail shell (variable dimensions)

9. Snail, looped iphone video (no sound, dur. 0.40) (28 x 40cm)

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