only if
Image credits: Nuno Martins and Isobel Atacus
Zaratan Arte-Contemporânea, Lisbon
23 Feb - 30 March 2019
A show proposing an interruptive gesture, a logic played out across the gallery. Over the course of the month the pond in the main room dried and grew a fungus

|||...o (2018)

Burnt copper pipes, eucalyptus bark, copper wire, charcoal, sodalite crystal, haematite crystal, carnelian crystal, exposed bulb

Site specific piece for RUST @ the icing room; re-staged as part of Fig. 1 Limelight, Switchboard Studios (Muddy Yard)

Pocaraspokerface (2018)
Performance as part of Grande Bienal de Arte Burra, Estrela Decadente
Galeria Banco, Lisbon

Foi, Começou, Foi (2019)

It was, it began, It went 

(Found footage (INA Archive), ASMR sounds)

I was invited to contribute to the online magazine WrongWrong for Edition No. 15. 69 Année érotique. EN / PT


ant (2020)

Image and text on billboard

Notice Bored, Muddy Yard, Clapham Estate Park