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Comprising sculpture, textile, video, foley and text, the installation was built around a column of 11 boxes, each of which contains a small sculpture designed for weathering, an edition in multiple parts. After visiting the installation, viewers were invited to take a box away with them and follow the instructions to install the work. Just as the rain comes and goes, the work resolves through its dispersal. WEATHERWATCHING became a whole of parts and things, made of matter that vanishes and spreads.

Installed for the length of a storm, 3-6 February 2022

Installation view,  Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon

List of works

Room 1: Earthbath from various materials (raw clay, soil, paper, reclaimed textile, chicken wire, glue, acrylic paint) (approx.. 70cm x 60cm x 60cm), Mud slip drawings in raw clay and soil  (80cm x 150cm), Coluna, 11 boxes to take away (containing sculptures made from soap, copper wire, fixtures and fittings, Perspex, instructions) (30cm x 20cm x 165cm), feet. looped video displayed on an iphone (no sound), stone, gum, varnish (20cm x 10cm x 5cm), 18mph digital print on textile (each 60cm x 20cm x 8cm), 

Room 2: WEATHERWATCHING HD video (no sound, duration 11.05) (70cm x 40cm), Foley, looped audio (dur. 5.50), A slip of time, Perspex (26cm x 6.5cm x 0.3cm)


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