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Ode to something dry, 2022

Builders sand, cement, cement n’ salt, gesso, suet (eaten by the dog), raw clay, found rocks, made rocks, print, moss dye (solar extraction), lucky coin, fragment of peacock ore crystal, bubblegum (Variable dimensions)

Developed during a residency at AZAN, Mira-Sintra Meleças, Portugal

During the residency at AZAN I became preoccupied by a lichen growth that had dried out on the studio wall (lichen effectively hibernates during the summer months), and the presence of a team of builders roofing the space next to the studio. It made me think about things about to get wet, the moss ready to start growing again with the rise in humidity, the open space being covered to protect against future rain. Echoing some of the gestures of lifting, throwing, setting, mixing and pouring that I observed from the builders, I started casting using industrial materials, incorporating found objects from the surrounding landscape. In the last weeks of the residency it was very hot, and the things I was making kept breaking and cracking...everything drying too quickly for me to control. Playing with this imminent change of state, the final installation suggests a stage set waiting  - or even desperate – for the rain.

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