Visual artist living between London and Lisbon, runs the icing room


Exhibition at Solar dos Zagallos, (Sobreda, Portugal), PV 30 July

Artist-in-resident at the Inigo Rooms, Somerset House (London), September

[ O ]


Current: PhD (part-time, ongoing) Slade School of Fine Art, UCL and King’s College London


Practice-led research exploring what we mean by'stuff' 


AZAN (Mira-Sintra de Meleças, Portugal, April-July 2022 - AHRI supported)

Can Serrat (Barcelona, Spain - Invited on full bursary, postponed due to Covid)


Banco, Travessa da Santo António à Sé (self-appointed residency, Lisbon, Portugal, November 2017)

Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon, November 2016)


Live Art Development Agency DIY: 2016, 342842 David Bowie (Colchester, Essex, September 2016)




WEATHERWATCHING, Zaratan-Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon, 3 - 6 Feb

Days you were happy to see me (Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, August 2020)


No wonder, you sense mysteriousness (Goldmali Gallery online exhibition space, July 2020)


ant. (Notice Bored, Muddy Yard, Clapham estate, London, February- March 2020)


only if (Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, February - March 2019)

Just S0 S0 S0 (Test work for PhD, Atelier Concorde, Lisbon, May 2018)




MOONGAZING, A residency programme from January 2021-June 2021. In collaboration with Muddy Yard. Awaiting Sample Request Number from NASA



Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds, from January 2019 on (Supported by DGArtes)

A scientific observation is used as the starting point for cycle of screening events, with artists invited to intervene into the materials and space.


#7: 17 MARCH 2022  ( Supported by DGArtes)

the icing room, I direct an artist-run project, started in 2016, from Walthamstow, London


SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS  (* - curated under the icing room)


Selvajaria, Solar dos Zagallos, Sobreda (Almada), 30 July-11 September

*AMETHYST DECEIVER, Atelier Concorde, Lisbon 20 May - 03 June

Snakes on a Picture Plane,UK Mexican Arts Society, London 13 - 29 Jan



ant. as part of 5th wall exhibition, Styroxfabriken, Jakobstad, Finland (September)


When was the last time you saw the sea? Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo (June)

Moon (Invited by Lila Matsumoto to perform for Nottingham Poetry Exchange, March, 2021)



*Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds, #5 (Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, November)


3191974 (Curated by João Viotti, Casa do Capitão, Lisbon, Supported by Gulbenkian Foundation, December)


6 (Work installed to accompany a concert at Desterro, curated by Nariz Entupido, October)


*No one watching, No outcome, No brief (Antiuniversity, May)





*I’m in the bath where are you? (the icing room, December)


INLAND#3 For whom the flesh/my flesh/still connects me (The Poetry Society, London, October)


Tundra (An outdoor Performance in the main square at Martim Moniz, Invited by Nariz Entupido, September)


*Element.Void: Antiuniversity (the icing room, June)


* Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds, #1-4 (Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, January-July)





* 4Z123 (Work made for the upper deck of the 123 bus, the icing room, December)


Fig. 1 Limelight (Switchboard studios, London, curated by Muddy Yard and Lily Hawkes, December)

RUST (curated by Alex McNamee for Art Licks Weekend, October)

12 DIAS (In collaboration with Loukia Batsi, October 2018)

BLUERUiiN (Aposentadoria, Lisbon, July 2018)


Journey to... (Live installation/performance, Invited by Folklore Impressionista, APO, Lisbon, May)


*[[EVERYONE’S ASKING IF I’M OK / NO ONE’S ASKING IF I’M OK]] (Itinerant exhibition, April)


Pocaraspokerface (Performance as part of Grande Bienal de Arte Burra, Estrela Decadente, Lisbon, March)


IRL/URL Love (Muddy Yard, London, February)


Exposição - Leilão, (Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, January)





* Glaze (44 Ashdown Crescent, London, December)


Moonlighting (Muddy Yard, London, December)


ashes,, mollusque,, moscatel (Banco, Lisbon, November)


#INLAND2: Neither (198 Contemporary Arts, London and Centrala, Birmingham, October)


*solution66 and Dissolutions, (A show and overnight performance on the Victoria line, Art Licks Weekend,

in collaboration with Muddy Yard, September)


*sublimate (Pulse Studios at Blackhorse Road, London, June)


*melt (the icing room, London, January)




The summer I refused to shower, Vol.1 Brooklyn, (December 2020)


Sunburn on the moon, Wrong Wrong #17 Vertigo (August 2020)


trespass: Etant donnés, Site writing presented at Modernist Art writing / Writing Modernist Art conference, University of Nottingham (June 2019)


Foi, começou, foi, Wrong Wrong #15 Année érotique (May 2019)


Poetry and writing have also appeared:


The Beano, Inland Magazine, The Poetry Society, Vol.1 Brooklyn, MadSwirl, Revista Decadente, The Big Other, Water-Sound-City.


I am a contributor to Wrong Wrong magazine.


I also produce publications under the icing room press, to correspond with our events and exhibitions.





Walking as practice panel discussion, Conscious Isolation Project (June 2020)


Interview with Henriette von Muenchhausen for Goldmali Gallery (July 2020) (Link here)


Love letter, or Glass, Poetry reading for INLAND at The Poetry Society, London (October 2019)


Conversation with Rhiannon Edwards for HOGA, Home Galleries Archive (May 2019) (Link here)


Longlisted for Ivan Juritz Art Prize, 2017


I like where your head is at, Artist talk, Invited by Eloisa Ejarque (December 2016)





Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon


Private Collection, Portugal