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Sometimes outsides are insides (Eulogy for a Skin), 2022

HD video (no sound) dur. 3.50, tutti frutti flavoured bubblegum

Dimensions approx 50cm x 30cm

Shown as part of 'Snakes on a Picture Plane', UK Mexican Arts Society, London, January 2022

ant . (2020, 2021)

Image and text on billboard, HD video (no sound, dur. 4.20)

Notice Bored, Muddy Yard, Clapham Estate Park 

The work was first sited outdoors, fixed on a billboard in February 2020. It was left to be eroded by the wind and rain. As a video work it's been screened at the Nottingham Poetry exchange, and Jakobstad, Finland as part of an event for 5thwall exhibition.

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 19.48.45.png


Text with poster insert

Edition of 3.

Ryanair residency (2018)

Text and image on layout paper with tracing paper insert

Edition of 6


A set of seven love letters that were pinned up around Lisbon over the summer of 2017,  compiled into a publication