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Sometimes outsides are insides (Eulogy for a Skin), 2022

HD video (no sound) dur. 3.50, tutti frutti flavoured bubblegum

Dimensions approx 50cm x 30cm

Shown as part of 'Snakes on a Picture Plane', UK Mexican Arts Society, London, January 2022

ant . (2020, 2021)

Image and text on billboard, HD video (no sound, dur. 4.20)

Notice Bored, Muddy Yard, Clapham Estate Park 

The work was first sited outdoors, fixed on a billboard in February 2020. It was left to be eroded by the wind and rain. As a video work it's been screened at the Nottingham Poetry exchange, and Jakobstad, Finland as part of an event for 5thwall exhibition.


Text with poster insert

Edition of 3.

Ryanair residency (2018)

Text and image on layout paper with tracing paper insert

Edition of 6