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only if
Image credits: Nuno Martins and Isobel Atacus
Zaratan Arte-Contemporânea, Lisbon
23 Feb - 30 March 2019

Digital print on textile, pond (textile, clay, plaster, spray, salt), digital print, anti-radiation crystal, rose quartz crystal, perspex pipes burnt at the ends, pink light, HD video with sound playing in a separate room, found log, young clay, gouache, sea salt, glass shelf

ONLY IF proposed a gesture of interruption, a logic played out across the gallery. The works presented a whole divided into parts, with the idea to create a kind of sense of a whole that could only be seen in fragments. The pond - or the inverted skin of a pond - occupied the main space and spread over two further rooms, to interrupt the navigation of the space (you had to step over it to pass through the corridor) but also be interrupted by the walls that divided it. Over the course of the month the pond dried out and grew a fungus.
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